Wood sculptures & Artwork: Sales & Commissions

Wood sculptures & Artwork: Sales & Commissions

Woodcarving & Artwork sales

You can be the owner of a unique bespoke carving or sculpture created by Nigel Hobbins. There are a number of wood-carvings and sculptures for sale.

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Commission sculpture

Negotiate with Nigel for sculptures and carvings to be made to your own specifications. Visit the commissions page to find out more.

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Woodcarving workshop

Enrol on a workshop situated in the North Downs. Surrounded by natural beauty, this corner of the Kent countryside will inspire your creativity as it does Nigel's.

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A video of 'The Marble Run': an interactive sculpture - Longumnasumequusosaurus!?!?, and a TV documentary 'Artists And The Sea' made in 1995 featuring Nigel. Visit the media page to find out more

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